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Triangle 5k Sept.10






                    Club meeting 7:00 pm 6/29 at Amaifi's  


Check out the Mebane Running Club!!! Great group.........See there Up-Coming Races


                          THE KERNERSVILLE  

                             RUNNING CLUB







                 Welcome to the KRC Web Page

 Kernersville Running Club is to promote  and encourage running and/or walking and the education of the public to its  benefits.

    The (TKRC) will have road races, lectures, fun runs, educational activities, clinics and social events; also will have a newsletter...And tons more!!!!!!!

        Other objectives are to engage in community activities,  and to provide support and encouragement..

                                              (by Mindy Solkin)

                              "So" you might ask, "what can I learn from running, why should I choose it  as a sport, and what makes it unique to all other sports?" Here are a few good answers:                    

                                Running is the most efficient path to cardiovascular fitness and weight control. Its a great conditioner of strength, speed and stamina of other sports. For example, you don't play tennis to get in shape to run, you run to get in shape to play tennis.

                                Running is the most accessible sport. No matter where you are, running shoes will travel. Many have often toured many a city while running.

                                 Running is a great stress reliever and self-esteem booster. Moreover, since it requires discipline, it helps you through  some of life's other pressures. Consider it as your shrink on the road.

                                 Running is environmentally correct. Since you're venue is the road ,its your duty to keep it clean. Rarely will you see a runner throw litter on the ground. Respect the roads is our motto.

                                 Running is an equal opportunity sport. Everyone who lines up for a road race is respected for their abilities, no mater what their pace or religion.

                                 Running is a social sport. During many other sports, you can't have a conversation with your partner. But with running , many friendship are developed on the roads. Running buddy is a familiar term.

                                 Running is a sport that continues to award and reward you with its age-group structure at races. This structure enables you to compete against your peers in the same five or 10-year age group and possibly win an age-group award. This is called bringing home the hardware.   

           President - Blake Ward --hward@kernersville-running-club.org 

                        Vice President- Curtis Swisher

                        Secretary- Allison Peters